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Server Rules

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The Land Roleplay

Jun 29, 2022
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1) Common Courtesy

Think before you actions, and be sure to not pave towards toxicity whenever in game. Treat others how you want to be treated which tends to involve being kind, and showing respect to each person you roleplay with. Assure to follow the rules that staff administrators on the server. This goes from you are unable to void, stop, or break any rules that staff instructs to the players. Our goal is to make sure everyone is on the same page alongside making sure that everyone is treated equally. Any type of OOC disrespect is prohibited and, if serious enough, may lead to a community ban.

Never question an administrator's orders, even if you disagree with them. You can inform a member of Management if you believe an admin made a bad choice.

Failure to roleplay an event is strictly prohibited. You must always be roleplaying. If a player breaks a rule while you are in the middle of it, you must finish the scene and report it later. Even if you are driving alone, you must roleplay any injuries to your character or any accidents that occur.


  • Unnecessary toxicity to players via /pm or /b;
  • Spamming;
  • Disrespecting staff members; Disrupting one’s roleplay for no reason.
  • Failing to roleplay a car crash, unless the obvious issue is desync or some sort of lag. If both parties are fine with voiding, you are allowed to void the car crash. If no one seen you crash, and you are by yourself, it is your decision on what roleplay to perform.
  • Quickly leaving the server to avoid any roleplay situation not going your way.
  • Taking advantage of an OOC issue to give yourself an advantage in an IC situation (stealing a vehicle from a player whose game crashed, initiating a shootout when a player involved crashed, driving off from a traffic stop when a law enforcement officer disconnects, waiting for someone to type to get an IC advantage);
  • Purposely AFK during an active roleplay scene.
  • Come across any exploits or bugs, please report immediately.
  • Attempting to break any rule that is listed.

If there is any problem In Character that you tend to feel that is wrong to you in any OOC way such as someone being toxic to you or attempting to trigger you in any way. Don’t force your ways to avoid roleplay like quitting the game. Please report any problems that you have In Character, report it on the forums, or just simply ignore them until staff help is proceeded for your request. If you are ignoring any administrative requests or commands, you will be facing consequences for the lack of contribution to a staff member’s order.


Verbal Warning, Admin Jail and a Temporary or Permanent Ban

2) Powergaming

Powergaming is when someone performs unrealistic or actions that aren’t physically possible. It can also be seen as a way of forcing roleplay on somebody. You can not force someone in anyway in roleplay to do something. To roleplay something that isn’t possible role play or script-wise is prohibited as it creates a huge disadvantage.


  • Roleplay using a Harry Potter wand and evaporating the entire police department.
  • Falling off a roof landing in an awkward position without an roleplay.
  • Usuage of /me or /do to give unrealistic outcome, such as; John Brown withdraws a feather killing Jack.
  • Looting a stash without properly roleplaying its description (nor knowing about it)

It is required to RP fear in circumstances or acts that you would otherwise avoid in reality. Consequences of your character's actions must always be taken into account; for example, circumstances where RP causes death due to a lack of fear may have serious punishments.

  • Robbing someone in the middle of a highly populated street.
  • Dashing off from someone that has an advantage by aiming a fire arm at you.

Lack of fear roleplay or fear for your life in general may result in possible In-Character consequences if necessary for both parties.

CCTV Cameras

All CCTV Cameras will be placed in known areas, and nothing that would be classified as powergaming. They should be in common locations with intent of realism in order to perfectly roleplay a CCTV Camera correctly. OOC recordings can be used as a way to retrieve a piece of footage from CCTV cameras, although it has to have a reasonable angle to possible cover a CCTV Camera angle. Both parties can provide possible angles, if one party lies or attempts to include false statements will result in a very severe consequence.

  • If any desync is seen within OOC recording as a replacement for the CCTV Camera, a staff member would have to justify the desync to give a reasonable answer towards the situation that had a CCTV Camera involved.
  • Government buildings as well as server-owned stores (e.g gas stations, 24/7s, clothing stores) all have cameras by default, which law enforcement agencies have the ability to capture and use.
  • When using OOC footage, players have to understand what type of CCTV Camera is present to understand what possible angle or Camera quality a camera would have. An example would be a front-facing forward camera to a dome camera.
  • All state agencies and Government vehicles have dashcams. OOC recording rules apply to dashcam.

Property and Furniture:

Property safes should never be concealed under furniture; they should always be visible. Players may not additionally use unscripted entry or exit points to enter the property or to leave the premises of the property. Do not build a secret space or anything out of the ordinary without admin approval. Having a "secret-room" without the entry being visible is not allowed either. Destruction of a player's property without consent of the true owner will result in possible punishment if done with intent of bad reasoning.

Do not create a space that is meant as death trap or possible one-ways to have an advantage in killing any player. Furniture has to be placed in realistic manner in order to create a realistic property with no intent to possible have a super stash nor death trap.

RP of injuries:

Players that are shot dead with a headshot are automatically dead. If you survive and are not placed in death mode - you can RP the injuries not being as serious. If you are placed in death mode without a headshot, and medical attention arrive on scene you can survive the roleplay alongside the medical staff roleplay. However, if you received multiple fatal wounds and are in deathmode, you are in a result of an instant death. This all results to the common courtesy of the player and the shooter. On the other hand, if you get brutally terminated by getting stand over, you are officially dead resulting in a decision of a Player-Kill or Character-Kill of your choice.

If you are shot in the chest/neck and placed in death mode, depending on whether you receive sufficient medical care that meets general medical standards, you will have roughly five to ten minutes to live. However, an administrator could possibly be the final decision whether you Player-Kill or not due to your injuries (i.e The admin would state that your injuries are to fatal to survive, it is your option either Player-Kill or Character-Kill. Administrators also can spectate a possible scenario to ensure everyone is not over boarding their injuries.) If the injuries are treatable and medical attention/medical aid is being given on time, players cannot force themselves to die or they have the potential chance of facing consequences that could vary from a Character-Kill.


Admin Jail, Temporary or Permanent Ban

3) Metagaming

Metagaming is using out of character information and bringing it into roleplay, into your specific character. You are not allowed to use out of character information and use it in character as it is another way of having a third party advantage. Abusing a /me or /do to give yourself advantage in any way is permitted. You can not bring In-Character information to another player or yourself using Out-of-Character information, and you can't bring Out-of-Character Information to another player or yourself in In-Character means. Using any OOC information or communication such as a streaming source, communicating source, or anything that isn't just In-Character only is prohibited.

All characters you create cannot share any of the same information with each other. If you have two characters, think of it as they have two different brains. You cannot share an alternate universe with a character you have created with another. You can not refer to any of your own characters within roleplay, or be involved with any of the same roleplay that your previous character had; especially with intention to kill.

You may only have one player made character involved in a certain objective and/or RP scene at the same time. Examples;

  • Arranging a deal involving illegal substances, items, or money with possible powerful figures;
  • Reporting a crime to a police officer on multiple characters;
  • Using multiple characters in possible short-term or long-term altercations/events;
  • gathering information on one character, and using that information on another character.

After receiving approval from Faction Management, members of approved factions are allowed to play alternate characters in the same faction. There is some latitude provided to these characters in terms of promoting their own group or making references to other characters.

Even when done on another character, going back to the place where you died is regarded as metagaming. It is necessary to give the participants on the scene some time to go. when the individuals responsible for your death (involved meaning present at the scene in this particular instance), you can roleplay normally in that particular area. Returning to the same area alone qualifies as going back to the scene. It is forbidden to simulate finding out about your own demise or mentioning any of your deceased characters in relation to any other characters you may have. Your own body may be interacted with on any character.


  • You message a player using /pm or on Discord to pick you up at x location;
  • You message a player asking who did it, alongside possible clues to find out the answer;
  • You use VOIP communication (Discord, Teamspeak, Skype etc.) to coordinate during a pursuit or shootout;
  • Driving around in VOIP communication without no roleplay involved in a car with intent to attack;
  • Your character is dead from the situation, and you get on another character to find out what happened;
  • You use more than one character to help a faction you are a part of without FM approval;
  • You see police outside so you contact everyone to leave the area or help you;
  • You get killed in a gang area and then return on another character to get revenge.


Admin Jail, Temporary or Permanent Ban

4) Deathmatching

Deathmatching is killing someone without a validated roleplay reason isn’t allowed. This also includes revenge killing. Revenge killing is to kill someone that has killed you already without a validated reason on your character. Your character memory is wiped when you are killed which means you have no possible way to kill your killer unless provided a reason via roleplay. If you are saved from being killed you then killing your killer isn’t deemed as revenge killing. Creating a new character to kill your killer without a valid reason on your character is prohibited.


  • Shooting a player due to his race because your character hates that race;
  • Player calling you a name or pushes you resulting in them dying;
  • You have been killed by another player which resulted in a PK/CK then killing the player who killed you;
  • You provoke a fist fight with multiple unarmed players then withdrawing a firearm with intent to kill.
  • Having little to no reason into killing somebody is not allowed.


Admin Jail, Temporary or Permanent Ban

5) Character Regulations

Players must use the customization feature to develop a believable character. If server administrators believe a player's character customization is inappropriate, they may ask them to modify it.

If a player has a reason to obstruct his face with In-Character story behind it, you are allowed. Do not obstruct your face to be seen as a lunatic or troll on The Land Roleplay. Ensure to have a realistic regulation behind your character's description, attributes, and attire.

Examples of this rule being broken:

  • dressing your character to look abnormal (i.e Alien, Costume, etc);
  • making your body invisible or intentionally glitched;
  • wearing an unrealistic mask;
  • wearing clothing with no knowledge of the weather and/or obtainability of your character's wealth;
  • Standing out like an eye-sore with intention to bother one's roleplay

Character Creation:

When creating a character in The Land Roleplay there are few simple rules to follow:

  • Character names can not be related to any famous person in the real world.
  • Character names must not have any ‘nick’ name type of names, push over towards realistic names.
  • Character names that are comical, trollish, special characters, known, TV, games, shows, etc.
  • Gag names are not allowed (i.e Ben Dover, Hugh Janus, Nate Higgers)

New Characters must be at least 16 years old. The only exception to this rule is if you make a character with the intent on getting involved with any gang faction. This allows a more realistic recruitment for a gang faction as the child was involved at a young age due to his/her environment. These characters are allowed to be no younger than 13 years old.

Admins have the final say if a name is legit or not. If the name has bad intentions behind it will result in punishments more than just a name change.

Your characters should all be distinctive from one another. It is prohibited to create characters with similar motivations, aims, ambitions, etc. This prevents players from altering their names to escape repercussions. The use of different names for different characters is likewise prohibited.

If you are involved in a charge or case that slithers into a court case, you are not allowed to namechange until the court case is complete alongside the completetion of all punishments via In-Character. An admin will guide you through that process if objected into that situation.

If you need character help, please contact a staff member to assure your assistance. Our job as a staff team is to assure the community's safety, and we want the community to do the same. Leaking someone’s personal information will lead towards a severe punishment. We don’t want anyone to feel unsafe when playing in The Land Roleplay.


Verbal Warning, Admin Jail or Temporary Ban

6) Third Party Modifications And Software

Third Party Modifications that give you an advantage or anyone in the server a disadvantage in any way is prohibited. Any type of game modification or software which gives a player any type of advantage over another player is forbidden. This will include binds or hotkeys that are functioned through a third party program as well.

Modding on the client side to gain an advantage is likewise prohibited. Client-side modification is only permitted for cosmetic purposes and should never be used to modify an in-game object's functionality.

The game allows for the use of a controller by players. However, since controllers have aim assistance, they might not be employed when firing. Shooting must always be done while using the mouse and keyboard to play games. Driving and flying using a controller is acceptable.


  • Using a vehicle mod to change performance without and/or the limit from mechanic shop;
  • Spawning in items;
  • Allowing your character to become immortal, lag switching, Mod Menu activities;
  • Usage of keybinds, hotkeys or macros to replace roleplay or give an advantage in a roleplay scene.


Temporary or Permanent Ban

7.) Bug Abuse

Players should report any issues they see in the appropriate topic thread in the Bug Report section. Bug abuse is the practice of misusing or abusing capabilities to achieve a goal that is not intended by the server script, the FiveM client, or the game itself.

Players must report any problems they see in-game or on the forums HERE in the appropriate section for staff consideration. Players found to be abusing/exploiting bugs in the server's script are liable to be banned. Players who are aware of the flaw but fail to report any instances of abuse or exploitation may also face penalties that reach a permanent ban. If you believe you have found a problem in-game and want to test it, you may only do so with an admin's permission.


  • discovering a bug and abusing it without stoppage and letting administrators know;
  • teaching and encouraging a new bug;
  • failing to report a bug, but gate keep for your friends;
  • using a reported bug with no fix from staff involving abuse for yourself and friends.


Temporary or Permanent Ban

8) Disgusting Roleplay

Any offensive Roleplay is not allowed in server under no condition.


The following types of roleplay are not allowed to happen on the server at all:

  • cannibalism;
  • bestiality;
  • necrophilia;
  • paedophilia.
  • Rape roleplay is fullyforbidden.

    This also includes complaints, allegations, and any of the like when it comes to rape roleplay. This is to avoid possible scenes where this actually will be claimed to have had happened.

[*]Any form of offensive roleplay is not allowed.

However, some forms of obscene roleplay is allowed with Out of Character prior consent from all parties, and both have understanding of Twitch Terms of Service. Other than that, the rule is forbidden.


  • Torture (i.e To a certain extent, if both parties agree alongside in a private location);
  • Sexual Intercourse (i.e If both parties agree, and in a secluded location)

To do any of the roleplay listed above, it must be done with the OOC consent of all players involved prior to the roleplay being started. If an admin deems a location is not correct or too public, it can consider it as a break of the rule. If a player is uncomfortable with the roleplay and they are a participant, they may request that it stops at any time.

If a player witnesses offensive roleplay and they do not wish to see it, they may remove themselves from the scene.


  • torturing a player without making sure they are fine with participating in that kind of roleplay;
  • describing a gruesome injury in detail when someone arrives at a scene.

Twitch's TOS

With The Land Roleplay being an extremely Twitch friendly roleplay server, there is a limit to interactions. Without consent or information before committing any of these actions there will be a severe punishment. Sexual Interactions Sexual Harassment Torture Disgusting Roleplay If everyone agrees upon these topics, then proceed with a caution as this server is Twitch friendly.

All IC interactions must stay IC without an administrative power accepting or allow any action completed. All players must follow the Twitch TOS rules that vary from racist terms or sexual actions. If you fail to follow any of these rules stated, you will be punished for lacking the understanding of these simple requests for The Land Roleplay.


Temporary or Permanent Ban

9) Robbing and Scamming

Robbing someone is taking someone's belongings or possessions with force or threat to them in any way. Robbing is taken in character and has to stay in character alongside the roleplay. Scamming someone in roleplay is to buy/sell something without giving them what they asked for during the bargain. Both of these are allowed in The Land Roleplay, but must stay in character and each has its specific guidelines.

  • Players aren’t allowed to rob someone for their house.
  • Players aren’t allowed to scam for more than 50,000 dollars.
  • Players are allowed to rob all the money on a person.
  • Players aren’t allowed to force people to withdraw money in an ATM during a robbery.
  • Players aren’t allowed to rob in safe zones.
  • Players aren’t allowed to rob government employees on duty or off duty (If you don't know, please report to admin).
  • Players aren’t allowed to do unrealistic robberies in luxury vehicles (Unless stolen).
  • Players are able to rob anything in a player’s inventory.
  • Players are unable to force other players to make them give you something when they're not there.

The robbery limit is one robbery per OOC hour. Players aren’t allowed to commit chain robberies which reflects back to the one robbery per OOC hour. Make sure during robberies and scammings, it is all done with realistic roleplay with /me’s and possible /do’s. Group robberies aren’t allowed where multiple people in one car rob 3-4 different houses, stick to one home. There is no specific limit of robbing someone especially with money that they carry.

Gambling or loaning is done at your own risk and has no relation to this rule. If you feel like anything is wrong, please contact a staff member via report or forum message.

You are not allowed to kill someone after robbing them or scamming them during the moment of roleplay. During robberies, players must value their life or face punishments. If a situation is broken, with third party involvement, the rule is revoked.


Verbal Warning, Admin Jail, Temporary Ban

10) Abuse of Game Physics

The GTA: V physics created by Rockstar has many ins and outs of realism. With roleplaying in GTA: V, there are a handful of actions that aren’t physically possible to complete in real world manner. It isn’t possible to change the in-game script created by Rockstar, so these actions are prohibited in The Land Roleplay.


  • Bunnyhopping — jumping repeatedly to move quicker;
  • Olympic swimming — continuously swimming without roleplaying that you are tired;
  • Hopping on bikes — hopping around on a BMX bike;
  • Chicken-running — running around in a zig-zag motion to avoid being hit by bullets;
  • Ninja-jacking — pulling players out of their vehicles with no roleplay.


Verbal Warning, Admin Jail or Temporary Ban

11) Safe Zones

You are not allowed to commit crimes or any illegal actions in safe zone areas. You can not kill or fight anyone in these areas as it portrays a high populated area with maximum security everywhere such as cameras. Several areas of the map will have their crime levels limited in order to foster a more realistic atmosphere. Realistically, there would be a lot of police or security in these locations. This could be airports, train stations, heavy populated areas, tourist areas, major traffic areas, and more.

Note: For the purposes of this rule, if roleplay was initiated outside of a Safe Zone, and a player runs into a Safe Zone for protection. The roleplay is not paused, and later will face punishments for using OOC information for punishment.

Safe Zones are as follows:

  • All airports and airfields;
  • government buildings, such as the State Capitol, city halls and hospitals;
  • banks, ATMs not included;
  • buildings belonging to law enforcement agencies, such as their headquarters, patrol stations, jails (see jail rules), Bolingbroke Prison (which is considered active IC) and training facilities;
  • Los Angeles Fire Department buildings, such as their fire stations, headquarters, lifeguard tower and training facilities;
  • the subway system as a whole, but not including any tracks above ground;
  • NPC dealerships that are scripted in where you can buy cars brand new (player owned dealerships require admin permission to commit crime at);
  • customization areas, such as clothing stores and barber shops;
  • gun stores.

Note: In instances where there is a secluded area close to a Safe Zone, e.g. an alleyway next to a bank, this is not covered by a Safe Zone.


Admin Jail, Temporary or Permanent Ban

12) New Life Rule

If your player is put into death mode and you respawn at the hospital at least 15 minutes must be given so the players on the scene can leave it and the LAPD/LAFD may fully roleplay. Once the players involved in your death leave, you can roleplay normally in that particular area. This is to allow the LAPD to collect the necessary evidence, etc. Returning to the same neighborhood is enough to be considered returning to the scene, this is strictly forbidden and can be defined as metagaming. You may not roleplay gathering information on your own death on any character you have, or referencing any of your dead characters on any of your other characters. This is again to prevent metagaming and breaching of the New Life Rule.


  • You're killed kidnapped and killed by another player. The events leading up to the kidnapping as well as the actual kidnapping aren't to be remembered.
  • You're killed by another player and are put into death mode. You respawn at the hospital remembering the events that occurred and the person that killed you. This is strictly prohibited.

Lead Admins are allowed to character kill a character.


Admin Jail, Temporary or Permanent Ban

13) Valuing Life

All players must value their lives during every scenario they encounter. You're expected to treat your characters life as you would yours, everything should be roleplayed to the fullest extent no matter the consequences.

Incorrect Way: Oliver Smith aims a gun at John Mann, but John Mann continues to not provide correct roleplay. He laughs and punches him.

Correct Way: Oliver Smith aims a gun at John Mann. John Mann shows fear and complies with Oliver.


  • If a player has a weapon pointed at your head you would comply with their demands instead of doing something unrealistic and running off.
  • If you life is put into danger, you are allowed to ram in certain scenarios.
  • If you have someone hostage in a situation you MUST value the hostage life unless they were to do something that gave you reason to kill them.
  • If you're driving a vehicle you MUST drive it with some sense. You shouldn't be driving unrealistically as if your character is invisible to injuries. Everything must be roleplayed to the fullest extent in the case of a crash, etc.


Admin Jail, Temporary or Permanent Ban

14) Real World Trading / Transferring Items

Real-World Trading is the exchange of in-game goods for money from outside the game. This is not allowed. If you request to make a transfer from one character to another, please submit a request via forums.


  • Selling In-Character items or property for real world currency;
  • Setting up trades via OOC to another person;
  • Any assets on the line given to another person without no IC reasoning alongside OOC reward is forbidden;
  • Transferring items to another character or person;
  • Use a player as a third party to transfer all your items to another character you own without admin approval.


Temporary or Permanent Ban

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